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Continuing Technological Innovation

Horizontal Drilling

Re-entry horizontal drilling has been applied in all three fields since 1996, in order to maintain and increase oil production. A whipstock is used to sidetrack and the hole is drilled at around 50 degrees per 100 feet dogleg severity to land and continuously drilled through the target formation. Recently, re-entry horizontal drilling is being applied in order to confirm the structural highs which are newly discovered by 3D seismic interpretation of Mubarraz Field, before drilling new wells towards the structural highs.

Offshore Water Separation and Disposal

All produced water from the production wells at Mubarraz Field has been sent to Mubarraz Island together with crude oil through pipelines before the offshore water separation and disposal (WSD) facility was installed at CFP. Since a large amount of formation water was produced in the Mubarraz Field, downstream processing facilities, including pipelines and separators, had faced various problems, such as increasing corrosion, requiring an increase in the capacity of the liquid-treatment facilities and the disposal of large amount of water at Mubarraz Island. To solve these problems, produced water should be separated and disposed of at CFP, in order to reduce the amount of produced water sent from CFP to Mubarraz Island. However, Mubarraz crude oil has a strong tendency to form a hard emulsion, leading to the belief that it is impossible to treat formation water offshore because of the inherent limitations of offshore facilities.

We have however, completed the WSD facility with a new chemical and two-stage cyclone separators, which now separates and disposes of approximately two-thirds of the produced water at Mubarraz Field into the disposal well located at BB well platform. As a result, the downstream processing facilities, including a pipeline, are now being operated in a safe and efficient manner.

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